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The journey of a decade

For the past decade, I have been navigating through the demanding field Digital Marketing. The changing global trends are punctuated by the technological benchmarks. Modern users and target audience for any industry is well informed. This has fueled the competition among businesses and people are pushed to find better ways to portray digital presence. Whether on social media platforms or websites, the information you want to provide must be clustered around the problems and needs of the target audience. To rank higher, it all boils down to the stronger, relevant and clear USP!

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Tech Startups & Ventures

Technolangs Training Institute

A top notch training and career development institute to focus on Skill Development


International standard conference arranged to bring tech professional under one roof

Technolangs Solutions

Full scale digital marketing services to provide result oriented solutions to esteemed clients


Digital Marketing School is established for a focused approach to offer specialised and modern trainings

Our Services WHAT WE DO

Why 10 minute SEO


Standardisation of Concepts

Search Engines are evolving and so do the strategies and tactics practised by the experts. The ebook presents the concepts in formal way to have a better understanding


Resolving the Industry Jargon

Marketing industry is full of technical keyphrases coined by individuals as per their convenience. 10 minute SEO helps the beginners to naturally grasp concepts.


Structured Approach

SEO strategy is all about the way you cater to the client’s requirements. The need here is to structure in a better presentable format which allows a clear roadmap.

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