There are different off-page SEO strategies. Blog commenting is one of them. In this article, we are going to discuss what is meant by blog commenting?  importance of blog commenting. Different ways to do this and what should you keep in mind while doing this and also the mistakes and misconceptions in this area many others think about it. And complete guides about blog commenting backlinks.

Let’s start with different prospective of doing blog commenting

  • If you are a total stranger for this term like let me tell you when you comment after reading a post the purpose of commenting can be either appreciating blogger’s effort or asking some questions about that topic.
  • Through this people or bloggers interact with each other you can find a lot of lead through this for your article by exchanging ideas in the comment section.
  • In SEO blog commenting is used to create backlinks for your site (simply informing the readers that similar type of content in this field is available on your site to go take a look you might find that helpful).
  • Another use of this to increase traffic for your site for example if some reader read your comment and think yeah this is what I also need to read.


Importance of blog commenting in SEO

  • This ultimately increases our Alexa rank which is a vital part of site analysis.
  • It is an important part of off-page search engine optimization whenever we drop a link it generates a backlink to our site. ( These backlinks can be do-follow or no-follow)
  • It also increases our page rank and Domain authority as well.
  • And it obviously increases traffic on our site through backlinks.
  • One thing which most of the people miss while doing this is we should also take this in a sense of spreading knowledge.
  • Blog commenting is very helpful for managing the reshow between do-follow or no-follow backlinks

Some people think it is an old school strategy. But let me tell you it is only because I think it is been used properly still now if you do this in the right way it will give you all the benefits which are mentioned above. I hope now you know blog commenting importance.

The right way of doing blog commenting

The first thing you need to do is find the most suitable and right niche for commenting. That niche must be the same as your website niche. Because if you are doing it in a different category your comment will be useless for both you and blog or website.

But you can do it if there is the relevance of the topic for example SEO experts and digital marketer are connected to each other so their comments can fit in both categories. So the best and the right way of blog commenting is to comment on your site links on related topic sites. Hope you understand what I want to tell you.

How to do blog commenting properly guidance

  • Find your keyword related website who’s allowed blog commenting
  • Check site is beneficial for commenting
  • Make your comment natural
  • Add keyword or links
  • Check nature of backlink

How to find related niche according to your keyword for blog commenting

If you want to find it manually there are some queries you can pass the query on Google search bar and search it by adding your keyword that site. Which allow to blog commenting appeared related to your then you can start commenting.

  • “high PR blogs to comment on”
  •  “leave a comment +keyword”
  • “leave reply+ keyword”
  • “post a comment+keyword”

How to find the best websites for beneficial blog comment

  • After searching website for those types of backlinks open it in new tab
  • See if that post was posted recently or not usually the post which is newer has lots of visitors.
  • Also, check the amount of internal and external link on that page where you want to do comment
  • If the external links are more than 40 then move on don’t select that site
  • Check the rank and traffic of the page you are going to comment on and see if it’s worth spending time on it or not.
  • Check the DA of the page for this purpose you can use Moz bar.
  • Also, check the spam score of that website that well not more than 3% that thing is very important

If all of these things are good then you can select that website and trust me that site can really help for increasing your site rank, traffic, authority.

 Structure of comment & natural comment

There are different generator software’s available on the internet for doing auto blog commenting. That is not a good thing because Google or site owners can decent it. So if you want really benefit from that backlinking strategy then do it manually.  There is complete guidance to do blog commenting manually or naturally.

  • Make your Gravatar ID. (It is an image which follows you all around when you post or blog on the internet). It recognizes you and serves as your identity.
  • Start by opening line(us your full name and also the name of blogger say something honest about blog say what you want to say about your post drop an anchor text and post.
  • Avoid the comments which consist of one or two words they did not show appreciation.
  • Also, try to avoid a very long comment.
  • Create a good comment when site owners read it they become compelled to give you approval.

Optimized your comment with your keyword and link

That is the most important part of creating good backlinks. Here are also some other SEO tips for you. you can read that.

  • When you going to creating comment add your keyword as it looks Naturel word.
  • Add your website link or article link related to that keyword for creating a backlink.
  • Then Save that website link to check your comment nature in the future.

How to check your backlink nature

  • When you get approval on your comment
  • Go to that website on your comment
  • Do right click on that comment
  • A popup box appears to go to “inspect” and click on it
  • Some type of coding will appear
  • Find you comment there by default if well be the do-follow backlink
  • But if there is written in the code rel=” no follow ” then you create a no-follow backlink

Now I hope you completely now what is blog commenting and how you can do it professionally There is some additional information for you it becomes very helpful for you.

How to find competitor Blog commenting site

Find the related sites of your niche is very difficult when you are a single man team or a beginner. So you can find your competitor blog comments sits.  That is very easy if you have paid tools links Ahrefs SEO Tool, Semreash SEO tool, But there are also some free tools like the ubersuggest SEO tool. You can use that. Simply add your competitor URL in the tool search bar the site’s comment list is appeared and then you can use that data.


After reading that article, Now you are able to find the best blog commenting site related to your keyword, analyze those sites, able to create blog comment backlinks, check the backlink nature, find or analyze competitors backlinks. Also know you know the importance of blog commenting in SEO. I hope you like that article and learn well.

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