SEO Tips and Tricks: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a tricky subject to handle if you have just started it. It is true that in the beginning most people feel intimidated by SEO. Because there is constant change in content and concepts. There are tons of things to study and keep in mind.

It is best practice to take SEO slowly. Take it slow at first and then try to increase speed to learn new concepts of SEO.

Beginners feel most irritating when they are unable to grasp its concept. So before you delve into anything in detail, doing little research never hurts.

When you research before going into detail of something, you get to know what is to come. So you prepare yourself according to it.

Likewise, to help beginners or who are already studying it, this article is a proper guide. we have jotted down 15 most important tips in SEO you should keep in mind.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Most people overlook them but these are very important and crucial. Let’s Start

Website, Search engine & user Analysis

First comes the analysis. the analysis is very important for an SEO expert. No SEO expert can win the place if he is not good in the analysis.

The question that came to your mind would be “we should do the analysis of what?”

Her is the answer to satisfy the wheels of your mind.

There are many things for analysis to rank top in SERPs and defeat the competitor. First, you should do an analysis of the behavior of the search engine. You are ultimately trying to rank your website and win first place. For this, you should know how the search engine works and how it behaves.

Second, you need to do an analysis of the action of your competitors. When you do to a certain market, you first analyze that market (search engine which we have already discussed) and your competitors. You have decided to come into the market, now look for your competitors. Analyze their work. Analyze how they are operating in detail.

The third thing you need to analyze is the reaction of the user. We are providing our services to the user. So the user is also an important part of your analysis. Study how a user reacts against the specific conditions. This analysis will worth it and will help you very much in your future SEO. These are some major analysis but there are many other important things you need to analyze them properly.

Keyword Research in the right way

The second tip in my SEO tips and Tricks list is Keyword Research. Keyword research is the most important part of SEO. SEO is a game of keyword research.

Let us see first what keyword is? everything that the user writes in the search bar is the keyword.

You need to grasp that keyword and work on it. You need to understand how you should use a keyword that can benefit you. The keyword needs to be relevant to your website.

Keep in mind, do not stuff the content of your website with keywords. It is not appreciated by Google (search engine). The second keyword must not be irrelevant to your website.

Another important thing is the long-tail keyword and short tail keyword. Try to keep your keyword short to intermediate. There is no doubt that competition will be more in short-tail keywords, but it is liked by the search engine.

Make your SEO strategies

The best way to learn SEO is from competitors. As I have mentioned above in the first point that you need to analyze your competitors.

This analysis will help you to make your SEO strategies. See on what keyword your competitors are working. Analyze your competitor’s SEO in detail there are many tools out there to help you with like Ahrefs tool, Semrush tool, etc. See on which keyword they are ranking their website.

According to all this information, make your strategies and beat your competitors.

Optimized your article title

The title is the first thing anybody sees in your content by both user and Search engine. So it needs to be attractive, eye-catching and optimized by your seed keyword.

The title is the first impression of your website on the user. You need to wisely select this title. Make it eye-catching i.e. something that will instantly hold the interest of the user.

The title is one of the important factors that will make the user stay on your page for longer. One more important thing, it should be relevant to your content and descriptive. The title alone should define the idea of your whole content. if you use WordPress you can instal Yoast plugin it can help you and tell you how to optimized your article.

User-friendly Permalink Structure or URL

It may do not seem important to you but it. The URL is important for indexer, retriever/ranker. Google emphasizes having a simple URL and that optimized with seed keyword.  In our list of SEO tips and Tricks, User-friendly Permalinks is an important part because google likes it.

So instead of numbers, use words that are easy to read. It should be descriptive and give an idea about what your website is. It is also is one of the most important Google ranking factors to USE User-friendly URL.


Use SEO Meta Tags

Meta tags are the metadata or information about your website and content. Mate tags do not display on the web pages. But Meta tags well help you to talk with Search engine bots and guide that about your website.

There are many mate tags have different properties like Page description, Keyword, Author, index, no index, do follow, no follow and many other Meta tags for the different function.

Make Easy to Read Content

We have talked about relevant keyword research and an optimized title. Now let us talk about content on your page.

we are ultimately providing our services to the user. So if your website is related to information sharing or gossip websites etc.

Content should contain material that your title claims. That information should not be copied one. Content should be plagiarism-free. There are some tools available to check plagiarism too that helps to pint out any plagiarized content on your website. We want to tell you that clearly is your content is not good then you can not rank in SERPs no matter you try any SEO tips and Tricks.

Another important thing this, your article should be engaging and easy to read. Do not use difficult words and phrases. Write a creative and quality article. Same as you read above in URL, Title your content also is properly optimized with your seed keyword.

NOTE: As you read in this article in SEO you need to optimize your content, title, URL, Meta tags and many other think by your seed keyword But don’t over-optimized them that comes in keyword stuffing according to Google, Same as don’t use a single keyword, again and again, you can use synonyms, LSI keywords.

Optimized images & add an image Alt tag

Visualization is very crucial in digital marketing. You need to use pictures that will attract the attention of the user at first sight.

Use SEO to optimize images on your website for enhances user experience. You should also add image Alt tags.

Increase User Experience

One of the factors that affect your website ranking is dwell time. For how much time the user is staying on your website is dwell time.

If a user spends more time, dwell time will be mire. the search engine considers that the user likes your website. So the search engine shows your website more often in searches. If your dwell time is low, your website will ultimately not be considered as a good one.

You need to increase the dwell time. For that, you need to enhance the user experience. increase your page load speed. Also, make your website user-friendly. Your website’s structure should not be a complicated one.

As I have mentioned above, concise and eye-catching titles, relevant and informative, and attractive pictures will help increase dwell time.

Internal linking

Internal linking is another important factor in ranking your website. It means your webpages are linked to each other. It is found that websites having more internal linking are crawled more by search engine bots thus increasing their chance to appear in SERP or increase dwell time.

Internal linking helps search engines to understand the link between your pages and the purpose of the web pages.

Keep your site updated

We have already talked about the importance of content. Another thing about it is, it should be fresh. It should up to date with the passage of time. Google likes updated content.

Also content should belong to keep the user on your website for a longer time. The Longer content does not mean that you began to add irrelevant data. Data should be relevant, interesting and all the information related to that topic available in that article.

Increase your website speed

Website speed is yet another important factor in ranking your website. That is the most important tip is this list of SEO tips and tricks.

Assume you clicked on the link of the website, but it is taking ages to open. You will just click on the back button rather than waiting for that website to open.  It will increase the bounce rate that will automatically affect your website ranking.

An increase in the bounce rate means people are not liking your website. It is a fact you will bother to visit a website that takes much time to open.

Your website loading speed should be good otherwise you will not get ranking.


Make Mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly means your website structure does not distort even if it opened on mobile. It should be adaptive to mobile phones.

According to Google states, 52% of traffic comes from mobile. After the study that status, Google introduces announced. In this update, Google says if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will affect your website traffic.

Your website should be responsive otherwise it will not be ranked. So we recommend you to use some techniques to optimize your site Mobile friendly.

Link to another relevant website

This is yet another important term in SEO. For beginners, it is a bit difficult to understand. But it is very crucial as it is one of the ranking factors.

Let us first get the concept of backlinking. Backlinking means links in how many websites are directed to your website.

If a lot of users are coming to your website through links on another website, it speaks volumes. It ensures the credibility of your website. It means users like your website. But here are many things you should keep them in mind, For example, link to Authoritative, Don’t link with pone and in relevant websites, manage the amount of do-follow and no-follow backlinks and many others.

Search engine likes this and prioritizes your website among others.

Site map and submit it frequently 

Site maps are very important to enhance user experience. The site helps the user to better understand your website.

You can use XML site maps. These site maps contain all the information on the link. Like which link leads to which page when that page was updated last time or what that page contains.

In addition to this, you can use an HTML site map. You can make the structure of your website in an easier way. so the user can easily understand the navigation.

Integration Social media accounts

Now a day social media has become a powerful mode of digital marketing. You cannot deny its importance to your site. You can learn how to Setup your social media accounts like Facebook accountInstagram accountLinkedIn accountReddit account, Twitter account and YouTube channels.

Although it does not have a direct effect on website ranking, somehow they do. You can bring traffic to your website through social media in a massive amount.

One most important and widely used are twitter cards. For this, you just need to add a few lines to your website code. A card will appear on tweets that will be visible to your followers. It will help to bring traffic to your site.


These are some SEO tips and tricks you can follow then to improve your SEO techniques and Ranking in Search Engines. We hope you like the article and that well helpful for you. So try these SEO tips and tricks and share that with your friends on social media.

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